Weekend Wonders Pt. 2

October 14, 2006

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Jens Lekman is so sweet. And this song is probably top 20 favorite songs ever. So download.

“Black Cab” — Jens Lekman

I first heard The Ark on Sirius satelite radio about a year ago. the song was “clamour for glamour” which ill post at a later time. this song however, is debateably better. suuuuuper catchy

“One of Us is Gonna Die Young” — The Ark

Beirut sounds so foreign. The name does, but the sound does too. Really fitting name i guess.

“Scenic World” — Beirut



  1. you should post your top 20 songs for real.
    thanks for these.

  2. well im doing the list: the best songs of different categories

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