The List: 10 Catchiest Songs

October 18, 2006

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Ok, here are the guidelines for this list. they are in no way the best ten songs. They are just the catchiest songs, songs that i can listen to over and over and over to on repeat. There’s not a lot of songs that you can do that without going nuts and turning it off. But these ten i can. Every day for the next 5 days ill be posting the next two on the list. here are numbers 10 and 9.

10) Razorlight — “Golden Touch”

In light of Razorlight’s new record, I began listening to the old one just to remind myself that they don’t actually suck, as the new cd would suggest. In fact, they’re actually really good (you’ll agree if you don’t listen to the new cd). I was at Quiznos the other day and “Golden Touch” started playing and it’s just so much of a feel good song that i ordered another sandwhich right then and there. That’s a bold statement about a song.

9) Oasis — “She’s Electric”

What’s the Story Morning Glory is on my top ten albums of all time list, (that list will come in due time) and this is my track off it. With every single song on the cd being soooo good, picking one is like trying to pick which pickel to eat. (It’s really hard because they all look the same) But I’m all about feel-good songs, and this is such a feel good song.


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