The List: 10 Catchiest Songs Pt. 4

October 22, 2006

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Ok, so as we get down to the last four, these songs are gonna fill 2 categories. First, the catchy category. Second, the feel-good category. Friday I’m in Love is one of the ultimate “everthing is alright” kind of songs. My favorite part of songs are the first 2 seconds, the opening, and this song’s guitar/effect opening couldnt hit the spot harder.

4) The Cure — “Friday I’m in Love”

The Format was my band of the summer. When their new cd, Dog Problems, came out in July, it was literally alll i listened to. This one track though, Oceans, was really my song of the summer. I drove up to my friends beach house one time, and put this song on repeat driving up the coast and it was rediculous. I recommend doing the same.

3) The Format — “Oceans”



  1. “Friday I’m in Love” is a fabulous song that is actually kind of too catchy. I don’t think I can listen to it anymore. But I did grab “Oceans,” which I had never heard before, and I really like it. Thanks for that one!

  2. Yeah, i know what you mean about friday im in love… If you havent heard the format before, you HAVE to get alll their stuff. its unreal, they are one of my alltime favorite bands. The older cd, interventions and lullabies, is unbelievable. the newer cd, dog problems, is unreal as well. you cant go wrong.

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