Artist Watch: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

October 25, 2006

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What would be better than a little carribean, a little pop, a little electronic and lot of greatnes? Nothing, and this what SKWBN are. I know they’ve been around for a while, but this sweedish duo just crossed my music vision. All of their music was recorded in the hallway of Peter Gunnarsson’s house (I don’t quite understand that), and were signed to Labrador records, my favorite sweedish label. Labrador kicks so much ass in that it gives out at least a few MP3’s from each of their signed bands. I would say 80% of their bands are really catchy indie-pop. Yeah I know, weird band name. Apparently it was taken from the song People by the Silver Jews. That’s Wikipedia for you.

SKWBN — “Funeral Face”

SKWBN — “Rent a Wreck”

SKWBN — “Loop Duplicate My Heart”

SKWBN — “Noodles”

Also on Labrador Records, this group Acid House Kings comes through big time with this track “Tonight is Forever.” It’s a new kind of indie song, with a heavy disco influence.


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