Artist Watch: The Management (MGMT)

October 25, 2006

Every morning for a week this summer I was woken up at 6:00 am by the blasting sound coming from a car. That sound was The Management, and that car was driven by the owner of their label. That sound was blasted by that car because I requested it to be–if was I was going to have to be woken up this early, there better be an unbelievable song playing. And so, I picked the Management. Its electronic, its pop, its catchy its I dont know what else… just great, great. I ordered their t-shirt a few weeks ago and already have gotten nearly three people come up to me saying they have that shirt too. They, however, got theirs while attending Of Montreal (The Management opened for them on tour). Yes, when you were at the Of Montreal concert and heard that fabulous opening band— it was The Management. Oh, and they’re cool so it’s shortened to MGMT.

The Management — “Time To Pretend”

And once the label lets me post the song “Kids” you will all be blooownnn away. Its a rediculous tune.

p.s. go to www.cantorarecords.com to buy the EP. do it!!! The song, “Kids”, is available on the EP. Also, that killer shirt i have is on that site.


One comment

  1. can you please send me a copy of kids mg mgmt? i have been looking actually everywhere for that song

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