Keep the Ball Rolling…

November 28, 2006

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Prototypes — “Un Gars Fragile” **pretty good**

Things we DO like about the French: they make good music? Apparently. The Prototypes, though I understand not one word in this song, have no trouble keeping your attention. It’s an upbeat, electronic dance beat that doesnt quit. I think they’re saying run run run in the chorus, but I’m sure they arent speaking Frenglish. I feel like there should be a set dance to this song where when it starts playing, everyone just looks at eachother, knows what to do, and just starts going for it. I’d put a running in place move in the chorus. That’d be great.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — “Some Loud Thunder” **so much potential**

The first time I heard Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, I downloaded it twice because I couldn’t believe that the singer’s voice actually sounded like that. Turns out it does. It also turns out I’ve grown to love the uniquely raspy voice of this band. I bought a poster of CYHSY and it’s actually hanging directly over my head. Seriously, it’s floating. Check out this new track from the upcoming album. The sound is kinda ehhh– its a demo. But still grand.

The Magic Numbers — “Take a Chance” ***very good***

I heard the Magic Numbers on a radio station last year and I was blown away. I bought their whole cd, and turns out, theres only 3 tracks I like on it, which happen to be tracks 1, 2, and 3. This new cd I have not heard the whole way through. But I’ve come to the conclusion that if this is the only track I like on the album, I’ll still be satisfied.

Paolo Nutini — “Jenny Don’t be Hasty” **pretty good**

The last time we heard about Jenny, Tommy Tutone was getting her number off the bathroom stall and dialing 867-5309. I’m sure you’ve tried it, but entering random area codes into that number and dialing is super fun. Every single answering machine with that number says, “Hi, Jenny isn’t here, but _____ is, so leave a message.” Every once in a while you’ll reach a business who gets mad for prank calling them, but seriously, what kind of serious business could possibly have that as a number? Anyways, this song sounds like its picked up a lot from Tommy Tutone’s Jenny.



  1. Holy crap, that French guy is singing really fast. I know a little French, but definitely not enough to figure out what he’s saying. I do think you’re right about the chorus, though – it does seem as if he’s saying “run” over and over. He says he’s looking for something, and he says he’s going home, so it’s possible that he’s running all over the place looking for something. The pace of the song is certainly frenzied enough to support all the running.

    The Magic Numbers certainly is refreshing after the French electrocraziness. Thanks for that one!

  2. great blog. paolo nutini is great.

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