So Much to Catch Up On…..

November 28, 2006

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What gave me my inspiration to revisit this penguin page? Let me tell something to you. Yes, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, that was from Happy Feet, a superb film full of singing penguins. In the spirt of singing, and penguins, I thought how fitting to revisit a site about penguins, and singing. That said, I have a tooonnn of songs to post up here that I’ve gathered in the last little bit. In sadder news, the previous posts should be going dead in the next few days, so if you want me to put one back up, just send me an email. Ok, lets begin…

M83 — “Teen Angst” (Montag Remix) ****UNREAL****
The original song by M83 is by far, well not by far, but it is surely their greatest work. It’s captivating, it’s awesome electronic music. This remix is no different. In fact, this is the type of song that when played in a loud room, everyone immediately gets quiet and they don’t quite know why. Well I’m telling you, it’s because of this song.

Loveninjas — “I Wanna be Like Johnny C” **very good**
My absolute favorite favorite favorite record label is the sweedish Labrador Records for two reasons. One, 90% of their bands are absolutely amazing sounding. I would say there is no lack of catchy choruses in this label. Two, their media page has songs to download from each of their bands for FREE. And so my brother (who should be credited as finding more than half of this music) found this track not surprisingly. The chorus which takes about a minute and half to get to kicks in with such fury that you’re never sad it came so late. You can feel the song building up the entire time, and then with such satisfaction, it hits you. Give it a listen.

Tribeca — “Solitude”
The reviews say it’s kinda New Order sounding, but I can’t really follow that. Has a much more Hellogoodbye feel to it. Catchy, powerpopish. Worth a listen if you like Labrador Records other tracks. Not much more to say here.

Sally Shapiro — “Anorak Christmas” *pretty good*
Don’t let her “real name band title” fool you into thinking she makes the cliche guitar and sweet voice kinda stuff. FAR from it. It’s disco baby. I can imagine sitting at my desk just bobbing my head to this little techno ballad. Actually I do do that, so not much imagining there.



  1. Wow, that Loveninjas is really great! I went over to Labrador and grabbed “Lost” by the Mary Onettes, which is nice as well. And the Tribeca song is pretty in a spare, angular, yet somehow lush kind of way. Hmm.

  2. yah the mary onettes are awesome as well. the website is http://www.labrador.se if anyones interested

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