Another Multi-Band Post. Enjoy.

November 30, 2006

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M83 — “Teen Angst” ****UNREAL****

I posted the Montag remix of this very song a couple of days ago, but I didn’t post the original which is always important to do when dealing with a remix. So here is the brilliant Teen Angst.

The Coral — “In the Morning” ***very good***
Seems to be a popular title these days for a song (Razorlight). Unlike Razorlight’s though, this track is supremely catchy and is exactly the type of song I do wish to hear in the morning. It’s charming bells make this song a staple on my repeat list. I don’t have much more to say concerning this track, but just download it, its great.

Rhymefest — “Devil’s Pie” ***very good***

I usually don’t like rap. In fact, I pretty much hate rap. However, this song is an exception. Maybe because it starts off as the Strokes’ “Someday” and continually uses the guitar from Someday to provide the beats to Devils Pie. Yeah, thats probably why. And its insanely poppyness keeps your head bobbing the entire time.



  1. The original Devil’s Pie that Rhymefest did was on a mixtape and sampled the chorus from D’angelo’s song of the same name.In my opinion the original fest version is better than the one that made the album,but according to Mark Ronson (the songs producer),D’angelo was still in rehab and they couldnt get clearance for the vocals so they used Don-E instead and changed up the lyrics.If you can get a hold of that version, I think you would enjoy it too.


  2. I LOVE the Coral and that song is one of my favorites along with “Dreaming of you”

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