The Unconventional Pump Up Mix

December 3, 2006

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So here’s how this started… my friend asked me to make a “pump up” mix to be played during the warm ups of their soccer game. So I spent some time looking through my itunes and I came up with this mix. However, 99% of the team had heard of like 1 of these songs only, so they had to go in a different direction. I was still proud of this selection, so I thought I would share it. So, if I had to make a pump up mix, here it is.

The Go! Team — “Junior Kickstart”

Daft Punk — “Robot Rock”

New Order — “Blue Monday”

Teddybears — “Are You Feelin’ It?”

Madonna — “Hung Up”

Moby — “Bodyrock”

and what I believe to be the very greatest pump up song of all time…

Europe — “The Final Countdown”



  1. This mix is superb. I agree about Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” although the greatest pump up song may be Survivor’s “Burning Heart.”

  2. dont give me that i have heard of ever one of those songs

  3. I use my turn now from the jump in sound track by keke palmer

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