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January 14, 2007


I’ve posted about The Ark before with tracks like “One of Us Is Gonna Die Young” and “Clamour for Glamour” but I have yet to talk about this song. The Ark is undeniably one of the catchier bands I’ve ever come across, and the only band I can tip my hat to Sirius satelite radio for helping me find. While this song sounds like it’s gonna be a slow heavy song, just wait until the chorus; i gaurentee you you won’t be disapointed. There’s a drum beat thats in the background punching in just the right places. Give it a listen.

The Ark — “Deliver Us From Free Will”

The cheeriest pop to come out in 2007 will no doubt be Beirut born Mika. I can’t tell, but it may be actually too poppy. Actually, it is too poppy, but that doesnt mean I cant listen to it until I’m the only person who’s not a thirteen year old girl listening to this. I don’t have much time, and neither do you (unless you happen to be a thirteen year old girl). Get on this while you can. Or before it’s in a disney movie.

Mika — “Love Today”

Rabbit Escapes Fox caught my attention as I was searching around Myspace the other day. I’m in a huge phase of shoegaze, ambient, experimental, so when the headline for REF said just those words, I had to give it a listen. Actually it fit EXACTLY what I was looking to listen to. Beautiful synths with perfectly timed drum beats move this song along wonderfully. I see great things coming from this band/person (the identity is a mystery…Daft Punk anyone?). Download this before they/he/she gets REALLY hot.

Rabbit Escapes Fox — “Running to Forget”

check out their myspace: www.myspace.com/rabbitescapesfox

All day long I’m searching around the internet to see when Neon Bible, the Arcade Fire’s new concept album, will be leaked to the masses. Even though I’ve been getting what I can get, I would still recommend waiting to buy the album to hear it as a whole, the way it was meant to be heard. But just to keep your interest in them going….

Arcade Fire — “Black Mirror”

I’ve officially lost all credibility for being a man when I post this next song, but I’ll give an explanation. Emma Bunton is sooo hot I can’t stand it. Instead of posting just her picture, and instead of posting her cover of “Downtown,” I’m posting her picture AND a remix of downtown. You’ll thank me when you look at her.

Emma Bunton — “Downtown (remix)”

https://i1.wp.com/www.leninimports.com/emma_bunton_gallery_12.jpg The image “https://i2.wp.com/www.leninimports.com/emma_bunton_gallery_10.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The last Air cd really got me listening, so when I heard that there were new tracks from the upcoming album, I just had to post.

Air — “Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping”

Leave me some comments about these songs, especially what you think of Rabbit Escapes Fox.


One comment

  1. That’s not Emma Bunton as in “Baby Spice” is it? Regardless of what I ever thought about their music I always thought she was the hottest one out of the group. Methinks it’s about time for a Google image search.

    This Rabbit Escapes Fox track is a little more uptempo than I expected given your description, but I definitely dig it, I must say.

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