Scouting for Girls

September 22, 2007


There’s very few piano-pop songs that sound completely original because the genre itself is pretty specific. These two songs are not really an exception, but Scouting for Girls have made a couple of extremely catchy pop songs that you just can’t deny. I actually like the the demo version of “Elvis Ain’t Dead” a lot better– though it does happen (Kate Nash’s “Birds”, por ejemplo), the rawness of the demo gives the song a lot more originality than the overproduced LP version. Butttt I’m a nice guy so I’ve included the demo version as well. Make your own call.

Scouting for Girls – “Elvis Ain’t Dead
Scouting for Girls – “Elvis Ain’t Dead (demo)” via GWFAS
Scouting for Girls – “She’s so Lovely”

(from Scouting for Girls, out now in the UK)



  1. hey, arent there two versions to this song? wheres the other ?

  2. ….for “she’s so lovely”, i mean… ;p

  3. Well if you want to count the single version, then i guess. Is there another version altogether? let me know if there is

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