September 25, 2007

Let me first start by saying that no, I’m not talking about them, or him, but rather them. Good thing their sound is a little more original than their name. There is something about their lovely pop glory that begs for a repeat listen. On their website, they list their influences as Led Zeppelin, The Mars Volta and Muse. Turns out that’s just not true. Their real influences are Weezer, Air Traffic and Voxtrot, but they just might not know it yet.

Hailing from the Hyphy movement’s home, Panda’s Rooney-esque vocals make Oakland not seem so…Oakland, really. I know I’ve made this band out to be the cheesiest thing since stuff crust (I referenced Rooney…), but their undeniably cheery melodies and their effort to reinstate Oakland as a pop music hub gives this band the title of “Most Fun Band to come from Oakland in 2007.” A crowning achievement.

Panda – “Carry On”
Panda – “Fake Tattoos”


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