Hot Chip

September 30, 2007


Every time I’ve been to a Hot Chip concert (thrice) I am extremely disapointed by their rendition of “And I was a Boy From School.” The album version is unreal, and actually claimed the number two spot on my songs of the year for 2006, just barely losing to “Wolf Like Me.” On The Warning, Hot Chip created one of the most listenable, catchy and danceable gems I’ve heard this side of “Tribulations,” but their live version never seems to stand up to the wonderful recorded version. This, however, is in stark contrast to the UNREAL live song of “Over and Over,” which absolutely kills when played. In fact, that song was the song of Coachella for me this year.

The other day my friend gave me the MP3 of the live “…Boy from School” and it turns out that if you listen to it as an entirely different song, its actually excellent. Just don’t be expecting the song you’re used to, and you’re in for a treat.

In other Hot Chip news, their website offered up their new single for freeeeeee. It’s kinda sweet, not that dancy, but it returns to the electro-soul feel that Hot Chip was all about back in their Coming on Strong days.

[All links are zshare. Left click to download]

Hot Chip – “And I was a Boy From School (live version)”
Hot Chip – “I Became a Volunteer”

p.s. I loovvee this song

Hot Chip – “My Piano” ***unreal***

UPDATED: Hot Chip – “…Boy from School (acoustic)”



  1. post the acoustic version of and i was a boy from school. ridiculously good

  2. I agree. It is fantastic. And now there it is

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