The Teenagers Remixography

October 1, 2007


My introduction to The Teenagers came in the form of “Homecoming,” their erotic first single. If that’s all you do hear of them, it’s very easy to think of them as a novelty band (“I fucked my american cunt” is the chorus). But I tell you, listen to these remixes, the finest part of their work. Their CD has moments, like “Homecoming” and “Feeling Better,” but the rest do not reach the excellence of their remixes.

The first remix I heard of them was of Simian Mobile Disco’s “It’s the Beat.” It’s always interesting to hear a remix of a remixer, and The Teenagers do not disspoint. Though it loses some of the dance that the original had, the remix adds a more pleasurable, repeatable melody to it.

In the case of the New Young Pony Club’s “The Bomb,” The Teenagers have one-upped the original and created a more epic and ambient version of the dance gem that NYPC dropped.

The Teenagers once again bring shame to the Black Ghosts by remixing an already great song and making it that much better. The most incredible thing about all their remixes is that they manage to keep the entire song structure and melody intact, while they add so much more to the song.

The rest, I will just put down the MP3s. All are worth checking out, especially the Air remix. Following are two original songs, both extremely good tunes.


Simian Mobile Disco – “It’s the Beat (The Teenagers remix)” ***UNREAL***
New Young Pony Club – “The Bomb (The Teenagers remix)”
The Black Ghosts – “Face (The Teenagers remix)” ***UNREAL***
Air – “Mer du Japon (The Teenagers remix)”
GoodBooks – “The Illness (The Teenagers remix)”
Shiny Toy Guns – “Don’t Cry Out (The Teenagers remix)”
The Enemy – “Had Enough (The Teenagers remix)”
The Teenagers – “Homecoming” ***UNREAL***
The Teenagers – “Feeling Better”



  1. Thank you thank you thank you

  2. you’re missing a bunch…

  3. Great! I’ve been looking for these.

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