Album Preview (?): Los Campesinos!

October 16, 2007


Exclamation marks are pretty much in these days. What with the Go! Team, Hadouken!, The Moths!, Panic! at the Disco (score), and of course, !!!. Out of that extremely excited group of bands, no one has gone this long without creating at least one bad song as Los Campesinos!. I am currently in possession of eight of their songs, and I love every last one of them.

I never thought they would create a better track than 2007’s Indie Anthem, “You! Me! Dancing!” and they still haven’t, but their latest single, “The International Tweexcore Underground” comes as close as possible to surpassing the uber-fun “…Dancing!.” Opening with filtered vocals and a relentless pace that doesn’t let up til the breakdown two minutes into the song, “Tweexcore Underground” still has got all those bells and whistles that made those eight tracks so brilliant.

The as-yet-untitled full-length debut with the as-yet-unannounced release date is probably my most anticipated album right now, besides the next Arcade Fire record that’s coming out in like, 3 years probably.

And I apoligize for now that I only have indirect downloads. That GWFAS surge really put my bandwith under. Thanks Derek…

/// [Left Click, and follow link]

Los Campesinos! – “The International Tweexcore Underground” ***unreal***


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