Introducing… The A-Sides

October 18, 2007


It’s a pretty rare occasion that a friend will introduce a band to me that I have never heard of, and almost instantly fall in love with. Well such is the case with The A-Sides, the Philadelphia (woo) local band who just recently had their big breakout. Opening for a few Ted Leo and the Pharmacists shows, their second full-length LP, Silver Storms was released in late September, and are only now beginning to get the hype they deserve. This month’s Spin Magazine featured “Diamonds” as one of the ten songs to download. It’s always exciting when the most deserved finally get the attention and publicity and love that has been missing for so long. Well, I love you A-Sides. I hope that’s enough.

Their sound is most similar to what Band of Horses is achieving so well these days, especially with that great new record. The lush, beautiful, landscape-covering indie rock of The A-Sides is a breathtaking take on the simple melodies that comprise most of the genre.


[All links are Zshare. Left click to download]

The A-Sides – “Diamonds” ***unreal***

The A-Sides – “We’re the Trees” ***unreal***


p.s. look for “Diamonds” at my Top Tracks of the Year post coming in December…

(Buy The A-Sides’ “Silver Storms” over at Insound now.)


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