Justice w/ Midnight Juggernauts (at Trocadero), 10-21-07

October 22, 2007


I never thought Justice would be such a successful artist. Their heavily distorted, harsh sound never would appeal to sixteen-year-old girls. But alas, I was wrong. The Trocadero was packed tight with barely-teened girls and boys alike, all dying to get their groove on. I guess everybody just likes to dance.

Midnight Juggernauts, who are the creators of one of my favorite additions on my still-in-the-works dance mix, opened up the night with their blend of electro-rock. Besides the aforementioned “Road to Recovery” and the vocally-distorted “Tombstone,” their set fell flat for two reasons. One, all three members stood motionless and emotionless as the synth played the melody. And two, there was a mysterious black tarp covering a mysterious big black tower behind them. For those of us who have seen the main event before, or have seen pictures of the epic Justice live show, we all knew it was those massive amps that support their signature cross. Everybody just wanted some Justice.


If there’s ever going to be someone who can get a party started with the lighting of a cross, it is Justice. That first moment when it lights up, those of us in attendance lost it. I saw Justice at Coachella earlier this year, and it was announced before the show that it was Justice’s first ever full set. As amazing as that was, they’ve certainly come a long way. Mixing and remixing their own material in a way that only those other fellow Frenchmen can do, Justice completely killed. The best part? While almost everyone there would tell you they were most excited to see them spin out D.A.N.C.E, only few of us there actually understood what the hell was going on when that spiraling, distorted synth backing the repeated “D” started flying at us from the speakers–the Alan Braxe remix. Though D.A.N.C.E has been remixed eleven thousand times (accurate figure), only MSTRKRFT’s edit stands above Alan Braxe’s.

Yet again, another pleasant surprise came in the form of Soulwax’s Nite Version remix of “Phantom pt. II.” Though the subtle edit didnt draw too much attention from most in the audience, it was, as we say, off the hook. Ending on a mashup of personal favorite “Waters of Nazereth” (I just like the random grunts), the place got wet and wild when they threw in crowd favorite “We are Your Friends.” With lack of a better term to describe it, Justice makes you turn to the person next to you, mid song, with your mouth gaped open in disbelief at the ridiculous sound that is storming out of the speakers.


[All links are Zshare. Left Click to download]

Justice – “D.A.N.C.E (Alan Braxe remix)”
Justice – “Phantom Pt. II (Soulwax Nite Version)”


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