Introducing… Bon Iver

October 29, 2007


Around this time last year, everyone was shitting their pants about the electro coming out of France. Ed Banger was starting to receive incredible hype (much deserved, mind you) that has sustained itself by releasing the brilliant Justice record, and continuing the tradition of head banging (see label name) electro through the master of remix, SebastiAn, and the love of my life, Uffie. And though electro is not going anywhere, a new genre has recaptured its place (at least on my iPod)– singer/songwriters/folk.

It would be a stretch to say that I listen to folk music, but I guess in some forms I do. Bon Iver would be a good example of the indie rock/folk mix that attracts my ears. After spending time alone in a cabin in Wisconsin, which is what Bon Iver did before creating this record, For Emma, Forever Ago, this would be the appropriate sounding music to accompany his stay there.

On standout “Skinny Love,” front-man Justin Vernon croons with the most soothing voice this side of Josh Ritter, of who Vernon clearly takes influence. “Skinny Love” could most certainly be placed in Ritter’s masterpiece, The Animal Years along side the epic “Thin Blue Flame” and the glorious pop ballad, “Wolves.” The power of Vernon’s voice does trump Ritter’s, who usually settles for instruments to lead the way. The minimalist production on “Skinny Love” allows Vernon’s voice to be front and center.

“Skinny Love” is a late arrival to my still-in-the-works best-of-the-year post, but it’s here to stay.


[Left Click, Follow Link to Download]

Note: I’m getting my hosting issues sorted out now, so I should have direct hosting by the next post. Thanks for bearing with me during these terrible times of zSHARE bullshit.

Bon Iver – “Skinny Love” ***UNREAL***

Bon Iver – “For Emma” 



  1. first “unreal” song posted on this website. you are starting to get the hang of this

  2. this song hits hard

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