Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life

February 10, 2008


There are two minutes before the drums come in, the melody alters, and the song begins to take shape. Normally, we refer to this part of a song as the introduction. The introduction is a tool used to ease the audience into a song, gearing up for the inevitable chorus that’s full of (usually) cheap hooks, hoping the listener will walk down the street humming this very tune. From the very first notes of Brazilian techno producer Gui Borrato’s remarkable “Beautiful Life,” all preconceived notions of song structure and normality in music are thrown to the wind, and we are left with the most thought-provoking, limitless and emotionally impactful song of 2007.

If you and your friends are sitting around in a circle listening to this song (and doing other things friends do in a circle…), your first response will be silence. This is the thought-provoking part. Images of family, friends and loved ones consume you. You begin to imagine old family videos, and your favorite memories. In one of the most accurate and appropriate (and breathtaking) adaptations of a song to video is Cadú Datoro’s music video for the song, filmed almost entirely of close-ups of people’s smiles and laughter, relating their emotions to the song’s title.

The limitless aspect of “Beautiful Life” stems from the song’s length. Reaching eight and a half minutes (and even longer on the single version), the repetitive minimalist production by Gui Boratto makes the song seem like it’s lasting forever, but no one is complaining. It is so expansive and all-consuming, that whatever task you were doing before you listened to this song, has been put indefinitely on hold.

Everyone will take something different from this song. I feel insignificant, but not in a depressing way. There is a worry-free vibe that is so radiant, any anger or anxiety immediately vanishes, even well after the song has reached its epic climax, and the next song in your rotation has begun. But half-way through that next song, you’ll be coming right back to this.

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Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life




  1. Beautiful description of the song! I totally agree!

  2. buen dj mis respetos a sus toques soy aficionado al estilo de sus ritmos … colombia quindio

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