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Album Preview (?): Los Campesinos!

October 16, 2007

Exclamation marks are pretty much in these days. What with the Go! Team, Hadouken!, The Moths!, Panic! at the Disco (score), and of course, !!!. Out of that extremely excited group of bands, no one has gone this long without creating at least one bad song as Los Campesinos!. I am currently in possession of eight of their songs, and I love every last one of them.

I never thought they would create a better track than 2007’s Indie Anthem, “You! Me! Dancing!” and they still haven’t, but their latest single, “The International Tweexcore Underground” comes as close as possible to surpassing the uber-fun “…Dancing!.” Opening with filtered vocals and a relentless pace that doesn’t let up til the breakdown two minutes into the song, “Tweexcore Underground” still has got all those bells and whistles that made those eight tracks so brilliant.

The as-yet-untitled full-length debut with the as-yet-unannounced release date is probably my most anticipated album right now, besides the next Arcade Fire record that’s coming out in like, 3 years probably.

And I apoligize for now that I only have indirect downloads. That GWFAS surge really put my bandwith under. Thanks Derek…

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Los Campesinos! – “The International Tweexcore Underground” ***unreal***


Daft Punk: Alive

October 11, 2007

Now that New Order have broken up (or have they), Daft Punk is officially the only artist that I have not seen live, that I can not die without seeing. I mean, come on. Seriously. Seriously.

The closest thing I have to actually being at one of the duo’s epic pyramidal performances is their 2006 Coachella set that has been circling around for some time now. Highlighted by their mashup(?) of “Around the World/Harder Better Faster Stronger,” the set proved to be stronger than any one of their three LPs.

Obviously a DVD of their Alive tour, which has just recently ended stateside, would be the optimal option, but those pesky French robots can’t please my every need (though they pretty much do). Well I can settle for second best. Daft Punk is set to release a live CD of their Alive tour which is sure to be fairly unreal. Here’s a webrip of their first released track off of it. Sorry about the first couple seconds…


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Daft Punk – “Too Long/Steam Machine”   [alt link] ***unreal*** (13mbs)

and some random Daft Punk / Kanye West remix (not stronger)

“Daft Punks Workout Plan”


Hot Chip

September 30, 2007

Every time I’ve been to a Hot Chip concert (thrice) I am extremely disapointed by their rendition of “And I was a Boy From School.” The album version is unreal, and actually claimed the number two spot on my songs of the year for 2006, just barely losing to “Wolf Like Me.” On The Warning, Hot Chip created one of the most listenable, catchy and danceable gems I’ve heard this side of “Tribulations,” but their live version never seems to stand up to the wonderful recorded version. This, however, is in stark contrast to the UNREAL live song of “Over and Over,” which absolutely kills when played. In fact, that song was the song of Coachella for me this year.

The other day my friend gave me the MP3 of the live “…Boy from School” and it turns out that if you listen to it as an entirely different song, its actually excellent. Just don’t be expecting the song you’re used to, and you’re in for a treat.

In other Hot Chip news, their website offered up their new single for freeeeeee. It’s kinda sweet, not that dancy, but it returns to the electro-soul feel that Hot Chip was all about back in their Coming on Strong days.

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Hot Chip – “And I was a Boy From School (live version)”
Hot Chip – “I Became a Volunteer”

p.s. I loovvee this song

Hot Chip – “My Piano” ***unreal***

UPDATED: Hot Chip – “…Boy from School (acoustic)”


Introducing…The Holloways

September 23, 2007

An indie rock band from the UK: they sound a lot like you might expect. But unlike their common company such as The View or The Futureheads, The Holloways have a little bit of a unique spin on their tunes. Their first single, Generator, has a touch of a beachy, tropical feel if I can stretch so far as to say that. The rapid pace of Alfie Jackson’s vocals carries you to this warm sunny day I speak of.

Their catchiest song, however, is “Dancefloor.” With their incredibly unoriginal lyrics about needing your friends to get your back after being embarrased trying to pick up a girl (kinda like a “Backfire at the Disco” and “All My Friends” combo), they still manage to create one the most fun and carefree songs I’ve heard in a while.

The Holloways – “Generator”
The Holloways – “Dancefloor”

Sharing a label with The Polyphonic Spree and, uh, Lil Jon, their album came out stateside in October of last year, but have yet to create a buzz on this side of the Atlantic.


Scouting for Girls

September 22, 2007

There’s very few piano-pop songs that sound completely original because the genre itself is pretty specific. These two songs are not really an exception, but Scouting for Girls have made a couple of extremely catchy pop songs that you just can’t deny. I actually like the the demo version of “Elvis Ain’t Dead” a lot better– though it does happen (Kate Nash’s “Birds”, por ejemplo), the rawness of the demo gives the song a lot more originality than the overproduced LP version. Butttt I’m a nice guy so I’ve included the demo version as well. Make your own call.

Scouting for Girls – “Elvis Ain’t Dead
Scouting for Girls – “Elvis Ain’t Dead (demo)” via GWFAS
Scouting for Girls – “She’s so Lovely”

(from Scouting for Girls, out now in the UK)


Broken Social Scene Presents…Greatness

September 21, 2007

In the first volume of Broken Social Scene’s solo albums, Kevin Drew’s “Spirit If” proves to be just as amazing as any BSS album, even better than some. “You Forgot it in People” wasn’t anywhere near my expectations when I first listened to Spirit If, as it is one of my all time favorite albums. But songs like the one posted below has cut YFIIP’s lead quite significantly.

Kevin Drew – “Back Out on the…” **unreal**

(from Broken Social Scene Presents: Spirit If…, out now)


Cease to Begin

September 20, 2007

As I wait (impatiently) for the new Band of Horses album, the follow-up to their amazing debut, “Everything All the Time,” pitchfork has provided us with their first single from “Cease to Begin.” The song reminds us a lot of what made them so great in the first place- twinkling intros that crescendo about half way through the song. Like their hit “The Funeral,” the new single is completely epic in its sound, though is possibly too similar in its structure. As much as I would love to have another “Everything All the Time,” a little change in sound might do some good for BoH. Still all in all, well worth your listen.

Band of Horses – “Is There a Ghost”

(from forthcoming “Cease to Begin” out 10.8.07)