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Crystal Castles – “Untrust Us”

April 1, 2008

It’s been a while since my words have graced these pages, so you know it must be something good if I’m taking the time to come out of retirement for this. It’s not that I’ve been unusually busy, but it’s the fact that I haven’t found anything lately that has made me fiend for a repeat listen. That is, until last week.

Granted I’m a bit late on the whole Crystal Castles worship, but better late than never. I first saw them open for Metric in Philadelphia in late 2007, but their self-titled debut album, had yet to be released. In one of the most original sounding albums I’ve ever heard, they combine dance-floor synths, rock-heavy drums and mutilated vocals. One of the most prominent influences on the album is without a doubt, Nintendo– the simplistic beeps of the system’s first generation runs across almost every song.

The leadoff track, however, is beyond phenomenal. “Untrust Us,” which samples Death From Above 1979’s “Dead Womb,” switches the guitar heavy rock for layered electronics that evokes a relaxing atmosphere, but also hinges on being a dancefloor staple. A small remix of the song would slay. But the song is a collection of bizarre lyrics that can not possibly be a language, but instead a made up language a la Sigur Ros that reflects the mood of the song.

The album continues to kill. With tracks like the extremely Nintendo driven “Air War,” and “Courtship Dating” which could be the beat to next year’s number one hip-hop song, theres nary a song not worth listening to. It’s too soon to see how high this album will lie on my year-end list, but I’m fairly certain you will see it lying towards the top.

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Crystal Castles – “Untrust Us”



Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life

February 10, 2008


There are two minutes before the drums come in, the melody alters, and the song begins to take shape. Normally, we refer to this part of a song as the introduction. The introduction is a tool used to ease the audience into a song, gearing up for the inevitable chorus that’s full of (usually) cheap hooks, hoping the listener will walk down the street humming this very tune. From the very first notes of Brazilian techno producer Gui Borrato’s remarkable “Beautiful Life,” all preconceived notions of song structure and normality in music are thrown to the wind, and we are left with the most thought-provoking, limitless and emotionally impactful song of 2007.

If you and your friends are sitting around in a circle listening to this song (and doing other things friends do in a circle…), your first response will be silence. This is the thought-provoking part. Images of family, friends and loved ones consume you. You begin to imagine old family videos, and your favorite memories. In one of the most accurate and appropriate (and breathtaking) adaptations of a song to video is Cadú Datoro’s music video for the song, filmed almost entirely of close-ups of people’s smiles and laughter, relating their emotions to the song’s title.

The limitless aspect of “Beautiful Life” stems from the song’s length. Reaching eight and a half minutes (and even longer on the single version), the repetitive minimalist production by Gui Boratto makes the song seem like it’s lasting forever, but no one is complaining. It is so expansive and all-consuming, that whatever task you were doing before you listened to this song, has been put indefinitely on hold.

Everyone will take something different from this song. I feel insignificant, but not in a depressing way. There is a worry-free vibe that is so radiant, any anger or anxiety immediately vanishes, even well after the song has reached its epic climax, and the next song in your rotation has begun. But half-way through that next song, you’ll be coming right back to this.

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Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life



My Pigless Life

October 27, 2007

This pretty sums up how I’ve been feeling the last few days…

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Stationary Hund – “OiNK Song” 


Oh Lord…

October 14, 2007

Well, MSTRKRFT has gone and done it again. They have remixed an already fun gem and turned it into of the year’s sickest dance tracks this side of that other remix. Heating things up with their signature cowbell, New Young Pony Club sing above the distorted electro melody that the men from MSTRKRFT have so deliciously placed.

Last Year at Coachella, MSTRKRFT absolutely destroyed the dance tent. They literally set it on fire (it was 110 degrees, mid day). You will be hard pressed to find a tighter man than Jesse. Let’s just say he was holding a bottle of Jack in one hand, and a joint in the other. That’s a real man.


New Young Pony Club – “Get Lucky (MSTRKRFT remix)” [follow link]***unreal***


The Teenagers Remixography

October 1, 2007

My introduction to The Teenagers came in the form of “Homecoming,” their erotic first single. If that’s all you do hear of them, it’s very easy to think of them as a novelty band (“I fucked my american cunt” is the chorus). But I tell you, listen to these remixes, the finest part of their work. Their CD has moments, like “Homecoming” and “Feeling Better,” but the rest do not reach the excellence of their remixes.

The first remix I heard of them was of Simian Mobile Disco’s “It’s the Beat.” It’s always interesting to hear a remix of a remixer, and The Teenagers do not disspoint. Though it loses some of the dance that the original had, the remix adds a more pleasurable, repeatable melody to it.

In the case of the New Young Pony Club’s “The Bomb,” The Teenagers have one-upped the original and created a more epic and ambient version of the dance gem that NYPC dropped.

The Teenagers once again bring shame to the Black Ghosts by remixing an already great song and making it that much better. The most incredible thing about all their remixes is that they manage to keep the entire song structure and melody intact, while they add so much more to the song.

The rest, I will just put down the MP3s. All are worth checking out, especially the Air remix. Following are two original songs, both extremely good tunes.


Simian Mobile Disco – “It’s the Beat (The Teenagers remix)” ***UNREAL***
New Young Pony Club – “The Bomb (The Teenagers remix)”
The Black Ghosts – “Face (The Teenagers remix)” ***UNREAL***
Air – “Mer du Japon (The Teenagers remix)”
GoodBooks – “The Illness (The Teenagers remix)”
Shiny Toy Guns – “Don’t Cry Out (The Teenagers remix)”
The Enemy – “Had Enough (The Teenagers remix)”
The Teenagers – “Homecoming” ***UNREAL***
The Teenagers – “Feeling Better”


Almost Time to Clap Your Hands

January 16, 2007

CYHSY’s sophmore album, “Some Loud Thunder” seems to take an entirely different path than their last record. With much less of the catchy pop that made the self titled debut so glorious, Some Loud Thunder is a slower, darker album covered with layered vocals. All in all, it’s still Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, so it is still very necessary that you get this album. And just as a tease…

CYHSY — “Satan Said Dance”

CYHSY — “Goodbye to the Mother and the Cove” (thanks to IGIF)


For Your Pleasure…

January 14, 2007

I’ve posted about The Ark before with tracks like “One of Us Is Gonna Die Young” and “Clamour for Glamour” but I have yet to talk about this song. The Ark is undeniably one of the catchier bands I’ve ever come across, and the only band I can tip my hat to Sirius satelite radio for helping me find. While this song sounds like it’s gonna be a slow heavy song, just wait until the chorus; i gaurentee you you won’t be disapointed. There’s a drum beat thats in the background punching in just the right places. Give it a listen.

The Ark — “Deliver Us From Free Will”

The cheeriest pop to come out in 2007 will no doubt be Beirut born Mika. I can’t tell, but it may be actually too poppy. Actually, it is too poppy, but that doesnt mean I cant listen to it until I’m the only person who’s not a thirteen year old girl listening to this. I don’t have much time, and neither do you (unless you happen to be a thirteen year old girl). Get on this while you can. Or before it’s in a disney movie.

Mika — “Love Today”

Rabbit Escapes Fox caught my attention as I was searching around Myspace the other day. I’m in a huge phase of shoegaze, ambient, experimental, so when the headline for REF said just those words, I had to give it a listen. Actually it fit EXACTLY what I was looking to listen to. Beautiful synths with perfectly timed drum beats move this song along wonderfully. I see great things coming from this band/person (the identity is a mystery…Daft Punk anyone?). Download this before they/he/she gets REALLY hot.

Rabbit Escapes Fox — “Running to Forget”

check out their myspace:

All day long I’m searching around the internet to see when Neon Bible, the Arcade Fire’s new concept album, will be leaked to the masses. Even though I’ve been getting what I can get, I would still recommend waiting to buy the album to hear it as a whole, the way it was meant to be heard. But just to keep your interest in them going….

Arcade Fire — “Black Mirror”

I’ve officially lost all credibility for being a man when I post this next song, but I’ll give an explanation. Emma Bunton is sooo hot I can’t stand it. Instead of posting just her picture, and instead of posting her cover of “Downtown,” I’m posting her picture AND a remix of downtown. You’ll thank me when you look at her.

Emma Bunton — “Downtown (remix)” The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The last Air cd really got me listening, so when I heard that there were new tracks from the upcoming album, I just had to post.

Air — “Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping”

Leave me some comments about these songs, especially what you think of Rabbit Escapes Fox.