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A Must Download Weekend

January 7, 2007

These two songs here are without question very necessary that you download. No two ways about it. They all deserve highly recommended labels, download or die labels, or whatever equivalent you wish to use.

Van She — “Kelly” ***UNREAL***

Sound Team — “Handful of Billions” ***UNREAL***


My Favorite Mashups

December 16, 2006

I usually don’t listen to mashups because I usually think they’re just a bad remix of the song. I hate when they just alternate from song to song. However, these two mashups in particular work REALLY well with each other.

The Verve vs. Jay-Z —“Brush Your Bitter Sweet Shoulders Off”

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s vs. Daft Punk — “World Maps (along came jones edit)”


The Top Ten Albums of 2006 (for me)

December 14, 2006

10) Beirut — Gulag Orkestar

Song to Download: “Scenic World”


9) Ben Kweller — Ben Kweller

Song to Download: “Penny on the Train Track”


8: The Feeling — Twelve Stops and Home

Song to Download: “Love it When You Call”


7) Simon Dawes — Carnivore

Song to Download: “The Awful Things”


6) The Rapture — Pieces of the People We Love

Song to Download: “Whoo! Alright Yeah…Uh Huh”


5) The Radio Dept. — Pet Grief

Song to Download: “Sleeping In”


4) I’m From Barcelona — Let Me Introduce You to My Friends

Song to Download: “Oversleeping”


3) Voxtrot — Your Biggest Fan EP

Song to Download: “Your Biggest Fan”


2) The Decemberists — The Crane Wife

Song to Download: “The Crane Wife 3”

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1) The Format– Dog Problems

SongS to Download: “Time Bomb” ………. “Oceans”



December 5, 2006

I love love love Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and cannot wait for the new cd to come out. I havent really listened enough to these songs to say if they’re on par with their previous release, but I will know when the time is right. What a great day this is. Look at my previous post on the “pump up” mix and give me suggestions, I’m curious.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — “Love Song No. 7”

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — “Underwater (you and me)”

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — “Some Loud Thunder”


The Unconventional Pump Up Mix

December 3, 2006

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So here’s how this started… my friend asked me to make a “pump up” mix to be played during the warm ups of their soccer game. So I spent some time looking through my itunes and I came up with this mix. However, 99% of the team had heard of like 1 of these songs only, so they had to go in a different direction. I was still proud of this selection, so I thought I would share it. So, if I had to make a pump up mix, here it is.

The Go! Team — “Junior Kickstart”

Daft Punk — “Robot Rock”

New Order — “Blue Monday”

Teddybears — “Are You Feelin’ It?”

Madonna — “Hung Up”

Moby — “Bodyrock”

and what I believe to be the very greatest pump up song of all time…

Europe — “The Final Countdown”


A Simon Dawes Blowout

November 30, 2006


It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about Simon Dawes. But I thought I’d go back to them for a bit, and here’s why. First, they’re starting on a little mini-tour with Wolfmother, and the dates are listed below. If you just happen to be an east coast fan, well then I guess too bad for now. Buttttt… now that they’re all rested up from their tour with Band of Horses, they’ve decided to throw out an unreleased B-side for all of us who can’t get enough of them. Carnivore, their full length which came out earlier this year was one of the top records of the year for me. It’s seriously great and I recommend you all going out and buying it this instant. In fact, I’ll help you to it… just go to the simon dawes merch website and grab it. ALSO, I’ve posted here a live performance of “The Awful Things” which is my favorite track off Carnivore. Actually, this is more than just a live performance… it’s a tour montage! I know, unbelievable right.

Simon Dawes — “The Awful Things” ****UNREAL****

Simon Dawes — “Everybody Knows” (unreleased B-side)

Simon Dawes – Awful Things

Wolfmother w/ Simon Dawes

Dec 2 – Roseland Theater – Portland,OR
Dec 3 – Moore Theater – Seattle, WA
Dec 4 – Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver
Dec 6 – The Fillmore – San Francsico, CA
Dec 7 – The Joint – Las Vegas, NV
Dec 8 – Marquee Theater – Tempe, AZ

and just cause they toured with them…

Band of Horses — “The Great Salt Lake” ***very good***


Another Multi-Band Post. Enjoy.

November 30, 2006

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M83 — “Teen Angst” ****UNREAL****

I posted the Montag remix of this very song a couple of days ago, but I didn’t post the original which is always important to do when dealing with a remix. So here is the brilliant Teen Angst.

The Coral — “In the Morning” ***very good***
Seems to be a popular title these days for a song (Razorlight). Unlike Razorlight’s though, this track is supremely catchy and is exactly the type of song I do wish to hear in the morning. It’s charming bells make this song a staple on my repeat list. I don’t have much more to say concerning this track, but just download it, its great.

Rhymefest — “Devil’s Pie” ***very good***

I usually don’t like rap. In fact, I pretty much hate rap. However, this song is an exception. Maybe because it starts off as the Strokes’ “Someday” and continually uses the guitar from Someday to provide the beats to Devils Pie. Yeah, thats probably why. And its insanely poppyness keeps your head bobbing the entire time.