Oh Lord…

October 14, 2007


Well, MSTRKRFT has gone and done it again. They have remixed an already fun gem and turned it into of the year’s sickest dance tracks this side of that other remix. Heating things up with their signature cowbell, New Young Pony Club sing above the distorted electro melody that the men from MSTRKRFT have so deliciously placed.

Last Year at Coachella, MSTRKRFT absolutely destroyed the dance tent. They literally set it on fire (it was 110 degrees, mid day). You will be hard pressed to find a tighter man than Jesse. Let’s just say he was holding a bottle of Jack in one hand, and a joint in the other. That’s a real man.


New Young Pony Club – “Get Lucky (MSTRKRFT remix)” [follow link]***unreal***


Daft Punk: Alive

October 11, 2007


Now that New Order have broken up (or have they), Daft Punk is officially the only artist that I have not seen live, that I can not die without seeing. I mean, come on. Seriously. Seriously.

The closest thing I have to actually being at one of the duo’s epic pyramidal performances is their 2006 Coachella set that has been circling around for some time now. Highlighted by their mashup(?) of “Around the World/Harder Better Faster Stronger,” the set proved to be stronger than any one of their three LPs.

Obviously a DVD of their Alive tour, which has just recently ended stateside, would be the optimal option, but those pesky French robots can’t please my every need (though they pretty much do). Well I can settle for second best. Daft Punk is set to release a live CD of their Alive tour which is sure to be fairly unreal. Here’s a webrip of their first released track off of it. Sorry about the first couple seconds…


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Daft Punk – “Too Long/Steam Machine”   [alt link] ***unreal*** (13mbs)

and some random Daft Punk / Kanye West remix (not stronger)

“Daft Punks Workout Plan”



October 5, 2007

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One of the freshest sounds of the minute, frYars released their The Ides EP which came out October 1st across the ocean. They are electronic, they are pop, but they are not members of the indie-disco scene that has consumed the UK the last couple of years. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe it is a one-man shabam, his name being frYars. His voice is deep and soothing and immediately catches your attention on the standout “The Ides” which discusses almost killing his lover in the forest before having second thoughts. Basically the song’s very romantic.

Be forewarned- soon you too will be singing “you should’ve died that very night.” People kinda look at you strangely.


frYars – “The Ides” [follow link] ***unreal***


Arcade Fire + LCD + Les Savy Fav = OMG!!!!11!

October 4, 2007

Yes folks, that is right. Tomorrow after the conclusion of my classes I will be taking the train up to New York City for what is sure to be the third greatest show of my life (I’m counting Coachella as one concert…). Honestly what are the odds that like, my two favorite bands are going to be sharing a stage on an island off of NYC? This summer my best friends and I were traveling through Europe where we got to go to the much underrated Summer Case festival (second favorite show) featuring Bloc Party, Flaming Lips, Maccabees, and yes, Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem. But still, it wasn’t the same stage.

I must admit, I haven’t been a huge Les Savy Fav fan for very long. I always enjoyed “The Sweat Descends” but that was pretty much it. Their latest record however, has some songs that sound as if they’re about to be extremely hard rock, but stay with it til’ the chorus and you’ll see it’s actually very catchy. “The Equestrian” is a perfect example of this, but I honestly can’t listen to this song without picturing Bunny doing her thing. Love ya Bunny.


Arcade Fire – “Surf City Eastern Bloc” [follow link] (B-side to No Cars Go)

LCD Soundsystem – “No Love Lost” [follow link] (Joy Division cover)

Les Savy Fav – “The Equestrian” [follow link]

I love my life right now.


The Teenagers Remixography

October 1, 2007


My introduction to The Teenagers came in the form of “Homecoming,” their erotic first single. If that’s all you do hear of them, it’s very easy to think of them as a novelty band (“I fucked my american cunt” is the chorus). But I tell you, listen to these remixes, the finest part of their work. Their CD has moments, like “Homecoming” and “Feeling Better,” but the rest do not reach the excellence of their remixes.

The first remix I heard of them was of Simian Mobile Disco’s “It’s the Beat.” It’s always interesting to hear a remix of a remixer, and The Teenagers do not disspoint. Though it loses some of the dance that the original had, the remix adds a more pleasurable, repeatable melody to it.

In the case of the New Young Pony Club’s “The Bomb,” The Teenagers have one-upped the original and created a more epic and ambient version of the dance gem that NYPC dropped.

The Teenagers once again bring shame to the Black Ghosts by remixing an already great song and making it that much better. The most incredible thing about all their remixes is that they manage to keep the entire song structure and melody intact, while they add so much more to the song.

The rest, I will just put down the MP3s. All are worth checking out, especially the Air remix. Following are two original songs, both extremely good tunes.


Simian Mobile Disco – “It’s the Beat (The Teenagers remix)” ***UNREAL***
New Young Pony Club – “The Bomb (The Teenagers remix)”
The Black Ghosts – “Face (The Teenagers remix)” ***UNREAL***
Air – “Mer du Japon (The Teenagers remix)”
GoodBooks – “The Illness (The Teenagers remix)”
Shiny Toy Guns – “Don’t Cry Out (The Teenagers remix)”
The Enemy – “Had Enough (The Teenagers remix)”
The Teenagers – “Homecoming” ***UNREAL***
The Teenagers – “Feeling Better”


Hot Chip

September 30, 2007


Every time I’ve been to a Hot Chip concert (thrice) I am extremely disapointed by their rendition of “And I was a Boy From School.” The album version is unreal, and actually claimed the number two spot on my songs of the year for 2006, just barely losing to “Wolf Like Me.” On The Warning, Hot Chip created one of the most listenable, catchy and danceable gems I’ve heard this side of “Tribulations,” but their live version never seems to stand up to the wonderful recorded version. This, however, is in stark contrast to the UNREAL live song of “Over and Over,” which absolutely kills when played. In fact, that song was the song of Coachella for me this year.

The other day my friend gave me the MP3 of the live “…Boy from School” and it turns out that if you listen to it as an entirely different song, its actually excellent. Just don’t be expecting the song you’re used to, and you’re in for a treat.

In other Hot Chip news, their website offered up their new single for freeeeeee. It’s kinda sweet, not that dancy, but it returns to the electro-soul feel that Hot Chip was all about back in their Coming on Strong days.

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Hot Chip – “And I was a Boy From School (live version)”
Hot Chip – “I Became a Volunteer”

p.s. I loovvee this song

Hot Chip – “My Piano” ***unreal***

UPDATED: Hot Chip – “…Boy from School (acoustic)”



September 25, 2007

Let me first start by saying that no, I’m not talking about them, or him, but rather them. Good thing their sound is a little more original than their name. There is something about their lovely pop glory that begs for a repeat listen. On their website, they list their influences as Led Zeppelin, The Mars Volta and Muse. Turns out that’s just not true. Their real influences are Weezer, Air Traffic and Voxtrot, but they just might not know it yet.

Hailing from the Hyphy movement’s home, Panda’s Rooney-esque vocals make Oakland not seem so…Oakland, really. I know I’ve made this band out to be the cheesiest thing since stuff crust (I referenced Rooney…), but their undeniably cheery melodies and their effort to reinstate Oakland as a pop music hub gives this band the title of “Most Fun Band to come from Oakland in 2007.” A crowning achievement.

Panda – “Carry On”
Panda – “Fake Tattoos”